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Upholstery Cleaning Specialists Auckland

When it comes to fabrics, our team at Upholstery Cleaning Services are second to none. Our experts have decades of experience earned from on-the-job upholstery cleaning as well as from consulting and experience in the actual manufacture of furniture. We know which fabrics need delicate handling, how to ensure a

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Fabric Protection

Here at Upholstery Cleaning Services, we believe the old adage still applies – prevention is always better than a cure! Although we also offer a wide variety of upholstery cleaning services, we stand behind the value of investing in a fabric treatment which is similar to scotch-guard, to protect against

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Marine Upholstery

No matter how harsh the marine environment can be, you still want your boat or yacht to keep its good looks. We understand what it takes to care for fabric that is regularly exposed to salt air, and you can have confidence in our ability to look after your boat,

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Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Upholstery Cleaning Specialists have specialised in carpet cleaning for over 25 years, so if you are looking for professional carpet cleaners and stain removal specialists in Auckland – look no further. Our team are some of the best in the industry, and know how to give you the highest quality

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Stain Removal

We’ve all had that moment, watching the wine glass slip and tip in slow motion towards the ground while spreading an arc of red across the white carpet. These things happen, but the good news is you are in the right place, our team are experts in carpet wine stain

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Asthma Relief / Dust Mites

Are you or a member of your family suffering from asthma or other allergies which make breathing difficult? We understand how frustrating it is to feel like your home is letting you down, and causing health problems for you and your family! Your home should be a safe place, and

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Water Damage

Accidents happen to the best of us. You can try to prevent upholstery and carpet water damage by looking after your roof or closing the windows when it rains, but add pets, children or life into the equation and these things happen. When it comes to extensive carpet water damage

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Deodorising / Pet Emergencies

Your pets are an important part of your family. Like most people, you probably share your whole home, outdoors and indoors with your treasured pets. As lovely as it is to cuddle with them on the couch, or play on the carpet with them and the kids … sometimes you

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