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Asthma Relief / Dust Mites

Are you or a member of your family suffering from asthma or other allergies which make breathing difficult? We understand how frustrating it is to feel like your home is letting you down, and causing health problems for you and your family! Your home should be a safe place, and we can help make it one with our Dust Mite and Asthma Prevention service.

Having your carpets regularly and professionally cleaned can make a huge difference in helping with dust mite prevention and eliminating the cause of many airborne irritants. We don’t just thoroughly clean your carpets, but we also add our specialised germ-killing treatment for longer-lasting relief for asthma sufferers and extended dust mite prevention for your home.

We use a specially formulated topical antimicrobial treatment which makes your fabrics healthier, smell fresher and creates an inhospitable environment for harmful mites and bacteria.

Our experts are trained and experienced in providing the best possible upholstery and carpet cleaning, and by keeping your fabrics clean you are creating a healthier environment for your family.

Our Top 5 asthma prevention tips for the home:
– Clean your carpets!
– Use allergen-proof covers on mattresses and pillows
– Vacuum regularly
– Wash bedding at above 130°
– No pets inside! (sorry Fluffy)

Upholstery Cleaning Specialists are committed to providing a quality service. We are so sure you will be happy with your result that, in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied, we will pay for another cleaner of your choice!

Our cleaning specialists are proud to service the following areas of Auckland;

North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland

Call now and see how our experts can help you with dust mite and asthma prevention. You can also read through our frequently asked questions for more info – you can even check out our carpet maintenance and cleaning tips if you need a bit of DIY assistance.

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