If you are not completely satisfied, we will pay for another cleaner of your choice!

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Stain Removal

We’ve all had that moment, watching the wine glass slip and tip in slow motion towards the ground while spreading an arc of red across the white carpet. These things happen, but the good news is you are in the right place, our team are experts in carpet wine stain removal, and any other accidental stains as well!

Our regular carpet cleaning service is guaranteed to get the majority of carpet stains, and our upholstery cleaning service will do the same – but for those extra tricky and stubborn stains, you need our next level of cleaning service. Upholstery stain removal can sometimes require a different approach than your everyday wear and tear, so we have developed our own range of cleaning products specifically to assist with those tough fabric stain removal jobs.

Don’t waste money replacing your favourite carpets, or waste time trying to feng shui all your furniture to hide an ugly stain, we can help.

We will get your upholstery and carpets back to looking their best in no time, carpet stains are no match for our experienced team. So, next time you see that wine glass slip, you can simply laugh, pour another glass and call us, your local wine stain removal experts!

Upholstery Cleaning Specialists are committed to providing a quality service. We are so sure you will be happy with your result that, in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied, we will pay for another cleaner of your choice!

Our cleaning specialists are proud to service the following areas of Auckland;

North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland

To talk to one of our expert carpet cleaner, call now, or read through our frequently asked questions for more info – you can even check out our carpet maintenance and cleaning tips if you need a bit of DIY assistance.


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