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How to Remove Mold on Leather Chair?

Fabric Cleaning Tips – How to Remove Mold on Leather Chair? If your leather chair is getting defaced due to the presence of mold on it then it becomes necessary to find measures to remove them as soon as possible. But before using any leather cleaning product for this purpose you should test it to ensure the safety of your chair with leather mounted on it. It should clean your leather gently. The leather on your chair can be free from mold and mildews by using various methods briefly discussed below.

Fabric Cleaning Tips – Use of petroleum jelly

First of all, you should wipe away the loose mold on the leather mounted chair.

If the mold persists even after applying petroleum jelly then you can apply a mixture of alcohol and water to the affected portion and rub on the fabric gently, after its effect on the leather.

This process can be repeated to remove stains completely but it should not be done forcefully as it can damage your leather.

After removing the mold and its stains you should allow the leather chair to dry completely before using it again.

Fabric Cleaning Tips – Use soap

Take your chair out in the open to avoid the spreading of molds in your room.

Now remove loose mold from the leather on your chair by using a brush with soft bristles. If you are using an old brush then wash it before using on your leather furniture.

Now vacuum the chair deeply, even under the creases and folds to remove molds effectively from your home.

Before using soap on your leather mounted furniture you should ensure its finish. If it has a pigment coating on the top then you can apply a thick layer of soap with the help of a sponge and thump on the stains to get rid of molds effectively.

Now you should wipe the leather surface instead of rinsing it as excess wetting the leather can damage it. However, before using water on the stains you should test its effects to avoid any damage to the texture of the leather.

Now you should condition the leather by wiping it gently with a soft cloth soaked in the diluted mixture of denatured alcohol and water. You should not soak leather with this mixture.

Now let the leather chair dry thoroughly.

You can also open the dust cover underneath your leather chair if the infestation of mold is suspected in that portion to air it.

Fabric Cleaning Tips – Use vinegar

A mixture of water and vinegar can also help in getting rid of mold in your leather chair.

First of all, you should take your chair in the open to remove loose mold from it by using a dry and stiff nylon brush. It will prevent the spread of spores of mold in your home.

Now mix water and vinegar in equal quantities and apply its thin layer on the material. You should not saturate this layer overly to avoid any damage to its finish.

After applying the mixture gently you should allow your leather chair to dry completely before use.

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