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How to Protect Fabric Furniture From Stains and Dirt

Professional Upholstery Cleaner – The soft, pink velvet couch of my dreams recently materialized in my life: an on-trend, secondhand beautiful lounger that is miraculously stain- and dirt-free. I love it like my own child and paid a small fortune to buy it, too, but given my anxiety and its great condition it’s already giving me issues.


The main one being that I haven’t been doing much sitting on it. I refuse to let it be besmirched by my subway clothes, for starters — if you were a regular on the train, you would, too. And the idea of having guests over who might want to sip and snack on it? Unthinkable!

Wrap it?

I could wrap it in a plastic cover like it’s an artifact — defeating the point of owning anything velvet — or heed my mom’s advice to stock up on stain remover, but really, I just want to find a middle ground that lets me enjoy my couch without wearing kid gloves. And since velvet couches are all the rage these days, I imagine I’m not the only one searching for solutions. So I turned to furniture-cleaning experts for advice on how to protect fabric or upholstered furniture from (and treat the inevitable) stains.

Professional Upholstery Cleaner

Professional cleanings will help maintain the structure of your couch and keep it looking newer for longer. Also invest in a fabric protector. A fabric protector will basically make sure that stains don’t become permanent stains, so when you spill a glass of wine on the fabric, or when food/pet stains lie on the surface of the fabric, you’re able to blot it away with a white rag. It typically only lasts about a year on a couch that’s being regularly used, though, so reapplying it annually is always a good idea.

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