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6 Myths about Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Specialist North Shore – Upholstery cleaning is not only an important household routine but a challenging one too. It is very crucial task as it improves and maintains the overall cleanliness of your home. Professional upholstery cleaning services assure affordable and effective removal of stains, dirt and debris that accumulate due to prolonged usage. There are many people around who have presumptions and convictions with regard to upholstery cleaning that are absolutely misleading and illogical. Yes, lots of upholstery cleaning myths prevailing out there. Though no one in particular is to be blamed for this, these myths are predominantly widespread over time.

Now let us discuss some commonly prevalent myths and unmask those myths.

1. Dry cleaning is the safest method to opt:
 This is a common myth because of the cleaning problems encountered like shrinkage of fabric, color bleeding, texture damage and browning associated with water based cleaning methods. Dry cleaning is generally done by incorporating a dry cleaning solvent which does not cause color fading and assures maximum protection for the fabric.

2. Clean with the hottest water:
 The use of hot water ensures deeper cleaning and also minimizes the implementation of harsh alkaline based detergent products that may cause color fading and bleeding. Sometimes depending upon the cleaning materials incorporated and the nature of fabric dye very hot water may contribute to color fading of the fabric. Moreover poorly regulated heat systems may cause fabric distortion also. Hence it is best to employ moderately hot water to safeguard the upholstery fabric.

3. Fiber identification test are baseless:
 As a multitude of fabrics are blended together when manufacturing upholstery fabrics they produce contradictory results when they are burnt together. If you are not able to recognize and determine the fiber family a burn test can definitely tell whether the fabric belongs to the natural fiber category or the synthetic fiber or a complete mix of both. This will definitely provide guidance on the method of soil removal technique to be implemented.

4. Synthetics are hassle-free: 
There is a popular belief that synthetic fibers are extensively used as they are extremely easy to clean and are not prone to fiber distortions. However very high temperature cleaning may permanently spoil the fabric and are not colorfast also on account of the dry cleaning solvents used.

5. The cleaning instructions on the tag are accurate information:
 Generally furniture is accompanied by two tags. The fiber content tag and the cleaning instructions tag. The fiber content tag usually indicates the stuffing used in the furniture. Sometimes these tags may not specify the filling incorporated in the furniture. Cleaning instruction code generally assures the color fastness to help the consumer to decide on the products they might use to clean them. One should bear in mind that these codes are mere instructions and not an assurance.

6. The upholstery should be cleaned only when they become dirty and soiled:
 The fabric on your furniture is similar to your bed sheets and other linens. Dirt, dust and grime accumulate on the fabric on account of continuous usage. If you wait till they become utterly dirty then it may result in extreme soil build-up. Hence it is highly recommended that your upholstery be cleaned once in a year or once in two years to avoid contaminants and allergens from accumulating.

Stay away from upholstery cleaning companies that propagate these unwanted myths. Make sure to hire only a qualified upholstery cleaning company. We employ only trained and experienced professionals who implement the latest techniques to assure you of safe and spotlessly clean upholsteries.

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