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The Do’s of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Specialist North Shore – Carpet care requires a calculated approach and involves not just the right equipment and tools but also proper training. Carefully adhering to best practices will help employees be more productive and ensure that carpet looks its best.

The following recommendations will set your operation up for success:

Do—Incorporate low-moisture encapsulation.

The low-moisture encapsulation method helps maintain consistent appearance, extends carpet lifecycles, and reduces the dry time to as little as 20 to 30 minutes. It can be repeated regularly to remove soil particles from carpet and prevent re-soiling, while also extending the time between wet extractions. When incorporated into a full carpet care program, low-moisture encapsulation can lead to cleaner carpet and a better overall indoor environment.

Do—Regularly conduct visual inspections for spots and stains.

Keep a sharp eye out for spots and stains and make sure to address spills immediately. Train and remind staff to properly address and remove different spills to prevent permanent soiling.

Do—Have a range of chemistry on hand.

A comprehensive carpet care program includes a wide range of chemistry that is suited for any challenge. Look for low-moisture encapsulation chemistry that prevents the buildup of sticky chemical residues and soils. Chemistries should be environmentally friendly and safe for all carpet types, so consider chemistries with approval.

Do—Prioritize proper care and maintenance of equipment.

After cleaning carpet, it’s important to properly care for equipment. This can include washing and disinfecting brushes and addressing any buildup in the spray nozzle that may interfere with cleaning. Whenever equipment requires replacement or updates, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and conduct this maintenance quickly to prevent future downtime.

Do—Check in with employees to ensure they are following procedures.

Once you have implemented a proper carpet care program, it is critical to follow up with staff after some time has passed to keep best practices top of mind. Schedule regular check-ins with your workers to follow up on any challenges they may be facing and address problems as soon as possible.

Carpet care done right

Proper carpet care has numerous benefits, including increased productivity, faster dry times, and cost savings. To properly maintain carpet and extend carpet life-cycle, identify best practices that don’t harm carpet in the long run. By using a four-step program that focuses on preventative, daily, interim, and restorative cleaning — and avoiding the aforementioned carpet care mistakes — facilities can protect carpet color and texture, improve its overall appearance, and reduce the buildup of dirt and sticky chemical residues. Give us a call today for professional advice and service.

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