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We live in a world full of accidents and upsets. No matter how careful we are, little mishaps are always lurking around the corner – waiting to happen and disrupt your routine. In spite of being extra careful, at some point of time in your life you are bound to drop a cup of coffee on your fantastic carpet, your darling pet may just have an accident on the sofa or a friend could spill a glass of red wine all over your lounge suite. Even the most cared for carpets and upholstery get something spilled on them every once in a while, but there is nothing to worry about. Upholstery Cleaning Specialists are the best stain removal company in New Zealand.

Give us a call today and we will send out our team of professional stain removal technicians who will not only provide an amazing service but will give you a free quote and recommendation before getting started on the job.

We have a dedicated team of highly- trained and experienced technicians, who are handpicked from among hundreds of applicants. We settle for nothing but the best.

Our team specialises in spot and stain removal; we guarantee removal of those stains which may seem impossible to remove. We have formulated special cleaners for those stains you might first believe are too stubborn to be removed.

Stains we fight effortlessly are:

1. Coffee
2. Wine
3. Chocolate
4. Milk
5. Shoe polish / Nail Polish
6. Wall Paint etc…

At Upholstery Cleaning Specialists you will get the best carpet cleaning service at the most affordable rates, guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today!

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