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Maintaining your Home

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – We at Upholstery Cleaning Specialists are constantly striving to emphasize the importance of regular carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, as well as tile and grout cleaning.

Think about it

It improves the general feel and look of your home. But these cleaning routines can extend the life of your flooring and furniture. It also improves the health of your family by preventing nasty bacteria from settling in.

We understand

We understand you’re not going to need residential carpet cleaning service every week. But there are still things you can be doing within your own home to keep all your flooring well maintained along with your furniture.

Using welcome mats

Welcome mats act as a barrier between your floor and the dirt people (and pets) unknowingly track into it. If they capture just a fraction of the bacteria that is carried in, they are well worth their (relatively low cost) investment.

Vacuuming and mopping regularly and well

Pay attention to those hard to reach areas. Use your vacuum extensions when carpet cleaning – and do not neglect your tiles. Ensuring that you are vacuuming on a weekly basis can extend the life of your carpets and tiles alike, and provide you with much cleaner floors and a much nicer home. Make sure to focus on the areas that are often overlooked; tile, grout, and furniture cleaning.

Semi regular commercial carpet cleaning

Have a professional (us!) come in once or twice a year to ensure your carpets get the deep carpet cleaning they need. Make sure you get the necessary accessories to clean your furniture as well. The more regularly you keep up this habit, the less you will have to worry about the general wear and tear that can affect your home.

Don’t forget about the furniture!

Too many people get so focused on the carpets, they leave out the hardwood. Or so focused on the tile and grout cleaning – they forget about the furniture. We sit on it, we stand on it, we use it every day – but how often do we indulge in furniture cleaning? Thorough furniture cleaning should be part of every home maintenance routine.

These are just a few tips to help get you started. The bottom line is not to leave anything out. Carpet, tile and grout as well as furniture cleaning should all be a part of a good home maintenance routine that will extend the life of your property and the value of your home.

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