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Is your home carpet making you sick?

Do you have a carpet in your home? When last did you clean it properly? Not just run your vacuum over it but really clean it. Not only do dirty carpets look grimy but they could be making you sick. This is why it is always a good idea to get carpet cleaning specialists in regularly to clean your carpets for you.

These are just 4 ways that your carpets could be making you and your family sick.

  1. They could trigger asthma or cause related respiratory illness. Dirty carpets collect dust, dirt and a variety of other nasties that can lead to respiratory issues like asthma.  Dust mites, fungi spores, mould, dander, and toxins all gather in your carpets and can trigger asthma attacks or other allergy related reactions.
  2. They could cause your immune system to be weakened. When your body is attacked by bacteria or other toxic substances your immune system kicks to protect the body. If your environment is constantly unclean and you are exposed to toxins all the time, your immune system becomes stressed because it is fighting off these toxins constantly and this can lead to it becoming run down which leaves you feeling more susceptible to sickness.
  3. They cause skin irritations. Carpet’s trap so many nasty things in them – dirt, bacteria, fungus all get trapped in the carpet. When you walk on the carpet, or your child plays or you pick something up, you are exposing your skin to those nasty things. As a result, your skin could end up getting affected. If you have cuts on your feet, they could become infected or get irritated, you could also find you break out in a rash as a result of contact with this dirt.
  4. They are home to unwanted bugs. If you are not properly cleaning your carpet regularly you are creating a home for dust mites, fleas and other insects. Very often the insects that will find refuge in your carpet reproduce quickly and this means before you know there are millions of the little critters all breeding and living in your carpet.

The only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to clean your carpets regularly. While vacuuming regularly definitely will help, you want to enlist the help of carpet cleaning specialists to help you deep clean your carpets and get rid of all the nasties.

While you are having your carpets cleaned, look for a couch cleaner at the same time and get all the dirt removed from there as well. To help you clean your carpets search for carpet cleaning specialists Auckland and couch cleaning Auckland to find our details. Our carpet cleaning specialists will have your carpet hygienic and clean in no time. They will also add carpet deodorizing to make your carpets not only look clean but smell amazing as well.

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