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Great Tips For Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain RemovalWe all value the carpet in our homes. It’s a beautiful and precious investment. We want to keep it looking and feeling great.

However hard we try though it’s a fact of life that from time to time we will have an “Oh no!” moment. Especially if there’s children around or if you enjoy entertaining. Something gets accidentally spilt, if we are not quick to treat it, we are left with a nasty carpet stain that no-one likes or wants.


Here are some easy steps that will help you to remove most carpet stains in no time at all.

IMPORTANT: Before you start… We highly recommend calling one of our experts to begin with for optimum results. Please note we cannot be responsible for carpet stain removal results that are not carried out bu one of our team members.

Right, let’s get it sorted!

You will need these things…
• Table Salt
• Stain remover/Cleaning Solution ( 200mls white vinegar/200mls water/5-10mls dishwashing liquid)
• White Towels


1) First get the supplies
– You’ll find everything you need to treat your carpet at your local Supermarket.

2) Remove or scrape any excess.

3) Pre-treat the carpet stain.
– Spread a generous amount of salt on the stain. Salt sucks moisture from your carpet and absorbs most colouring from things like juice or wine. Brilliant!
– Allow to dry overnight. Then vacuum up excess.

4) Saturate the stain with the cleaning solution.
– Blot with white towel

5) Again saturate the stain, this time with water. Blotting to flush out any product residue, this helps to future proof your carpet.

Hopefully your carpet stain is now fully removed.



To ensure you don’t bleach or damage your carpet; always test your solution. A great way to do this is to test on a piece of carpet in your wardrobe.

For expert advice in caring for your carpet click here OR contact us by calling Upholstery Cleaning Specialists. We love to hear from you and we can help you to keep your carpet beautiful, clean and healthy.

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