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Five reasons you should use fabric protection

Fabric protection is more than just being anal about your furniture. Sure, it will help protect against stains, but there’s more to it than that! Check out these five reasons you should invest in fabric protection.

Creates a healthier indoor environment
The microfilm formed by this protection repels dust mites and allergens, releasing them for effective removal by regular vacuuming. Most of the popular fibre protectors will not change the feel or appearance of your carpet and upholstery, nor will they emit chemicals into the air.

Fibres Last Longer
Fabric protection can aid in releasing abrasive soils which damage fibres enabling them to be effectively vacuumed from your carpet. This means carpets and upholstery will stay healthier over time and last longer. Replacing carpets is very expensive, that’s why protection will save you money in the long run.

Fibres Stay Cleaner For Longer & Look Newer
Fabric protection will stop dirt from attaching with the material, and your carpets and upholstery will naturally look cleaner and newer for longer.

Cleaning Becomes Easier
On carpets and upholstery where a fabric protector has been applied correctly, regular vacuuming can become 50%-70% more effective. This also means carpet wear in reduced significantly. In fact, fabric protection kits will give you time to clean up spills and stains before they become a problem.

People, pet and environment friendly
Most of the popular fabric protection kits used today are environmentally friendly, water based and will not harm people or pets.

So call Upholstery Cleaning Specialists today if you have any questions about fabric protection or upholstery cleaning. We’re Auckland’s number one specialists when it comes to carpet and fabric protection!

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