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Deodorising tips from UCS

When it comes to deodorising your carpet , the trick is to find and remove the smell, rather than just cover it up with something stronger and nicer. Deodorising a carpet is best left to the professionals if you want it completely cleaned and odour-free, but if you want to try yourself or hold out until the cavalry arrives, then follow the following tips.

Find and treat the source of the odour.

It may seem obvious, but something you spilt six months ago and forgotten about may just be the cause of this new smell. If it’s something recent, especially if it’s organic matter, like faeces or vomit, you need to treat the stain permanently. Organic matter will decay over time, and suddenly you might find a horrible smell in your home from something that happened months ago.

Vinegar is excellent for soaking up odours.

Using vinegar for deodorising carpets is an old wives- that absolutely works! You can treat common stains with one part vinegar to four parts water, and if there’s a funky smell around, leave a bowl of vinegar somewhere it won’t get knocked over. After a day the smell will probably be gone. If it’s not, then you need to take it to call us!

Bring in the professionals

If there’s still a nasty smell coming from a stain, then you need to call the professionals. A professional steam cleaning should be on the cards at least once a year anyway. Professional carpet cleaners will know which stains should be treated in what way, and their professional, expensive cleaning equipment is something you simply won’t have at home.

If you are thinking about deodorising your carpet, then give the Upholstery Cleaning Specialists a call today. With years of experience in thousands of homes, treating and eliminating all kinds of stains, we’re Auckland’s carpet deodorising experts.


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