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Carpet cleaning techniques

Nothing will beat a professional carpet cleaning service, but in between visits from the experts, you can always make sure you’re doing the most to extend the life of your carpet.

The following hints on carpet maintenance will add considerably to your carpet’s life.

Spray Injection – Extraction
To remove soil with this carpet cleaning method, the carpet pile is injected with a hot water and detergent solution under pressure which suspends soil in the water, which is then immediately extracted by a high suction, wet vacuum system. This method is often incorrectly referred to as “steam cleaning”.

This method is particularly useful for very dirty carpets because it removes deep-seated dirt, but it may not clean surfaces as well as other methods. It is also useful for removing excess detergents from successive wet shampooings – and together the two methods can restore a very dirty, flattened carpet.

Although machines can be rented, it is best to have spray injection carpet cleaning performed by a professional cleaner because care needs to be taken not to over wet the carpet, distorting the pile and backing.

If you do use a rented machine, it is imperative to follow directions and not to exceed the concentrations of additives or the water temperature recommended by the chemical / detergent manufacturer.

Factory Cleaning
Professional factory carpet cleaning is ideal for rugs and carpet squares because it can effectively remove all of the soil. It is not as suitable for wall-to-wall carpets as on-site cleaning because of the expense of removing and refitting the carpet.

To ensure that your wool carpet, wool bedding and wool furnishing fabrics keep their good looks as long as possible, it is essential to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and immediately clean spills to prevent stains. Prompt action is important to prevent spills from penetrating the pile fibres and becoming fixed.

Absorbent Powder
There is a range of cleaning powders available that are either solvent-saturated or detergent-saturated. As with all other carpet cleaning agents, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a cleaning powder.

After vacuuming, sprinkle the powder liberally on the carpet, brush it into the pile and then vacuum it out. It is not necessary to remove all the powder from the pile as it can help minimise further soiling. Using a cleaning powder is an easy way to freshen a carpet because the carpet is not wet. It also distorts the pile less and the room is ready sooner.

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