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Carpet cleaning advice and tips

Follow this simple advice and you can add a considerable number of years to your carpet’s lifetime.

When to vacuum
We recommend weekly vacuuming to prevent soil and other similar types of dirt becoming embedded permanently in the fabric.

There are three types of vacuum cleaners: plain suction, beater bar and revolving bristle strip. All are effective for normal cleaning, especially for dense pile carpet.

When to Clean
Carpet cleaning shouldn’t happen too often, otherwise they can be worn out. A carpet that’s been looked after will probably only need cleaning every year or so. When the carpet begins to look dirty or marked, call us and have it cleaned professionally, or do it yourself with a good quality cleaning agent. Use a good quality one because no matter how careful you are, there is usually a small amount of residue left on the pile after drying. This residue can make this worse if it’s a poor quality agent.

Which shampoo to use
Remember, it is important to use a neutral shampoo (never alkaline) on wool carpets. Never use household detergents and do not use shampoos that smell of ammonia when carpet cleaning.

To check carpet cleaning shampoos:

  • Leave a bit in a saucer overnight.
  • Pour off the excess.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Check there is no sticky residue which house dust could cling to.

If you’re using a shampooing machine, always follow the instructions carefully. If you can, take all the furniture out of the room and give it a good vacuum. After shampooing, allow to dry overnight before vacuuming again.
For light cleaning of small areas, aerosol foam shampoos are ok to use. Make sure to test the shampoo first for sticky residue that may attract dust. The foam shampoo is usually sprayed sparingly onto the carpet and worked into the pile with a moistened sponge or brush. Vacuum after the carpet is dry.

Absorbent Powder
There are carpet cleaning powders available that are either solvent-saturated or detergent-saturated. After vacuuming, sprinkle the powder liberally on the carpet, brush it into the pile and then vacuum it out. It is not necessary to remove all the powder from the pile as it can help minimise further soiling. Using these types of powder is an easy way to freshen a carpet because the carpet is not wet. As with all cleaning agents, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a cleaning powder.

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