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7 Office Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet Cleaning Specialist Auckland – Cleaning and regular maintenance can boost the longevity of your office carpets. However, if you are not following the right carpet cleaning methods, you can damage your carpets.

Some office carpet cleaning mistakes can change the appearance of your carpet, and that is going to affect the overall look and feel of your office.

Keep reading to know the mistakes that you are unknowingly doing during your office carpet cleaning.

1. Scrubbing

Many of us scrub carpets to remove stains and spills. Scrubbing might be a bit effective to remove any stain. However, the process can damage your carpet fibers.

When you will damage fibers, your carpet will not offer the desired durability. At the same time, it will make your carpet look dull and faded. So, you should avoid scrubbing.

Instead, you can consider blotting to remove stains. It is suggested to address the stain immediately to make stain removal easy and effective. Once it enters carpet fibers, stains will demand more effort for removal.

2. Cleaning Dirty Carpets

We consider carpet cleaning when it is extremely dirty. But the cleaning should be regular. If you avoid the cleaning for a long time, the carpets will draw all the dust and dirt particles.

With regular dust deposits, the quality of your carpet fibers will start to deteriorate. Also, you will have to give extra effort for the cleaning, when it completely dirty. Your extra effort is again going to damage the carpet fibers.

So, you should always consider regular cleaning to make the cleaning easy and avoid any kind of damage.

3. Choosing the Wrong Cleaning Products

All the carpets are different and each of them demands some specific cleaning products. While choosing a cleaning product, it is essential to understand the material.

However, many ignore this fact and they use the available cleaning product for office carpet cleaning. The result is obvious. The wrong cleaning products do not offer the desired cleaning.

Also, they do not suit that particular carpet material and cause damages. You should avoid this mistake and always choose the one that suits your carpet material and design.

4. Buying Deodorizing Powder

Some use deodorizing powders for office carpet cleaning. They prefer the aroma and think that the powder will offer the best cleaning. However, deodorizing powders are not effective to clean stains and dirt deposits.

They can be helpful to remove the unpleasant odor. But this is not your purpose. You want a proper cleaning. For this, you will have to choose the right cleaning solution. So, avoid deodorizing powders for the cleaning.

5. Frequent Cleaning

Similar to delayed cleaning, frequent carpet cleaning can also cause a problem. You should never clean your office carpets weekly or every alternative week.

Even if the cleaning procedure is gentle, frequent cleaning is going to damage your carpet fibers. It will fade the color of your expensive carpets. You can consider regular cleaning instead of frequent cleaning.

6. Using New Cleaning Products Every Time

Some try new cleaning products every time while cleaning their carpets. They do not try to know the benefits and side effects before using them. However, this might be a costly mistake.

If the cleaning agent does not suit your carpet fibers, it might damage the material significantly. Therefore, you should always pretest any cleaning agent before using it for cleaning.

7. Not Hiring Professionals

Many do not want to invest in professionals for office carpet cleaning. They think that they will have to spend much more on professionals. But when they will consider benefits, they might find professionals worth spending.

Professionals will use the right cleaning solution depending on the material. They will address the stains and remove them without causing any damage to the material.

You can say that professionals will retain the original look of your carpets for a long time while preventing early replacement.

7 Office Carpet Cleaning Mistakes – Conclusion

Now you are aware of seven mistakes that you normally do while cleaning your office carpets. Next time, you can do a conscious effort to avoid these mistakes.

Proper and regular cleaning will boost the durability of your expensive office carpet. Consider professional cleaning to maximize the benefits of cleaning. But avoid frequent cleaning and always choose the right cleaning solution.

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