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3 Sofa Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Upholstery Cleaning Millwater – Many Aucklanders have a busy lifestyle. Often they find very little time for household cleaning work. They are hard pressed against time, making it difficult for them to clean sofas and other furniture on a regular basis. Often the dust keeps on accumulating until it becomes clearly visible on the sofa. This has led many Aucklanders to look for professional cleaning services. However, sofa cleaning should always be done with good care. Sofas or couches can be very expensive in New Zealand. The beautiful sofas add a decorative value to your home, making them so close to your heart. So, be careful to avoid these common sofa cleaning mistakes.


Avoid Untrained People

You need to able to rely on properly trained persons for cleaning of your beautiful sofas or couches. Untrained people can actually cause damage to your expensive furniture. Poorly trained cleaners can’t operate the cleaning equipment properly. They can’t choose the right cleaning solutions that are most suitable for cleaning of upholstery and sofa covers. They are also not aware about correct the cleaning technique for wooden or metallic surfaces. This lack of knowledge can lead to inadequate sofa cleaning. The old dirty spots or patches could still be visible after the cleaning. So, always hire experienced people for doing a good cleaning work.

Avoid Very Long Cleaning Intervals

Your expensive sofa needs a cleaning on a regular basis. This prevents the accumulation of dust on its surfaces. If your sofa is not cleaned for a long time, it becomes a deadly breeding place for numerous mould, fungi, and bacteria. They can produce a bad odor in your living room. A smelly room is always an embarrassment in front of your guests. These bacteria and fungi can also dangerous, as they can lead to infections and diseases. Further, dirty couches can attract many household pests, rodents, and bugs. So, create a healthy living condition by going for regular cleaning. Sofa cleaning is always recommended before it is apparently unclean or too dirty.

Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

Many cleaning solutions are actually hazardous for your health. Even the slightest amount of residual chemicals after the cleaning can cause many health problems such as skin rash, headache, breathing trouble, sneezing, and eye irritation. Prolonged use of such chemicals can have many other toxic effects. So, you need to choose the safe cleaning agents that are not harmful for health and environment. Eco-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning agents are ideal for regular sofa cleaning.


The proper cleaning of sofa enhances the look of your home. It creates a healthy living environment. So, hurry up and give us a call today at 0800 800 382

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