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3 More Awesome Holiday Cleaning Hacks

Carpet Cleaning Specialist North Shore – You’ll find it all right here: solutions for preventing wasted time in the kitchen, ideas for speeding up the dining room set up, and answers for how to tackle the mess left in the holiday season’s wake (so daunting!). Give yourself a break and incorporate these pro-approved cleaning hacks before the holiday rush.

Don’t Forget the Floors

Save time by cleaning and disinfecting your floors, finished wood and other surfaces, before any guests arrive.  Prevent dirt, particles, and hair being trapped while killing bacteria and viruses.  This is a good start!

Prep Before You Decorate the Tree

As you set up the tree, don’t forget the oldie-but-goodie trick of placing a bag beneath your Christmas tree (or evergreen of your choice) to make future cleanup easier. Keep it covered with the tree skirt and no one will be the wiser (until disposal day comes around!). Keep the tree well-watered daily to keep it healthy and to prevent more needles from falling.

Make Picking Up Pine Needles a Snap

Once the holiday hubbub winds down, it is time to deal with all of the evergreen needles littering the floor. Rather than reaching for the vacuum (which can get clogged by needles), corral the debris on rugs and floors with a rubber broom. Pine needles are less likely to stick in the bristles. Bonus: If you’ve got a pet that sheds, a rubber broom will come in handy year-round when removing fur from upholstery and rugs.

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